Friday, December 11, 2009

Feelin' optimistic.

Although I usually fluctuate back-and-forth between optimism ("Dude, I can feel it! Anna'll love me!") and pessimism ("Crap, what if I don't marry her? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HER?! OH GOD!"), recently I've been feeling pretty optimistic, like, constantly. I just woke up like that one day. I think maybe I had another one of my psychic dreams in which I'm hanging out with her IRL, but I can't remember.

Anyway, it only got reinforced even more when I had a heartwarming conversation with one of my friends yesterday. This is new because generally my conversations aren't heartwarming. In fact, they're usually heart... uh... coldening... with like, everyone insulting me and stuff. My self-esteem was boosted a bit by it.

And as if I weren't already in an uncharacteristically good mood after that, I was IMed by Kate. You might recall the incident two posts back in which she was involved. But to my great surprise, the conversation turned out to be quite civil. I mean, she did state that she hated me and wanted to castrate me, but other than that it was actually p cool.

So yeah, I'm actually in somewhat of a good mood now. Obviously I can't say I'm happy or even content quite yet, because uh Anna still doesn't love me, but at the moment I'm not as depressed as usual. I guess it's kind of a neutral mood... more leaned toward good than bad though. I dunno, I'm an Aspie. I don't know crap aboot feelings.

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