Saturday, December 19, 2009

Phil comments on Anna's LJ!

Okay, so yeah, it was me. I completely forgot that account existed until I read the log of when we started doing it. I was gonna do another comment being like, "Is it Nick? Or am I really your cartoon crush, giving you sound advice? OooOoooOOOooo!" but apparently she blocked all the BS accounts. So yeah.

But seriously, Anna, Phil speaks the truth. I love you. Why won't you at least give me a chance? And I mean damn, the fact that we worked on that project together should give you a hint. We used to be such good friends... always doing fun little projects like that together. What happened to those days, huh?

As a side note, does Anna actually read this blog? Because she probably should. I need a way to communicate things to her.


So, I'm reading over my 200+ logs I saved from my conversations with Anna, and I've gotta say... I was pretty annoying back then. Like, in late 2006/early 2007 I was constantly reminding her that she was supposed to call me. (Eventually she finally did. Twice.) And it seems like most of our conversations have at least one instance of me asking her to marry me or play PS2 nekkid while I watch and jack off to it or whatever, and her just saying "maybe", all mundane-like. She probably thought I was annoying, too, but just didn't want to say it.

Then I began wondering. How long did this go on? Was I still like this in August of 2008, when she blocked me? Could this have been the reason?

Of course, I've changed now, but I assume that she still thinks I'm like that. But damn, how can I prove I've changed after being annoying for so long?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Feelin' optimistic.

Although I usually fluctuate back-and-forth between optimism ("Dude, I can feel it! Anna'll love me!") and pessimism ("Crap, what if I don't marry her? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HER?! OH GOD!"), recently I've been feeling pretty optimistic, like, constantly. I just woke up like that one day. I think maybe I had another one of my psychic dreams in which I'm hanging out with her IRL, but I can't remember.

Anyway, it only got reinforced even more when I had a heartwarming conversation with one of my friends yesterday. This is new because generally my conversations aren't heartwarming. In fact, they're usually heart... uh... coldening... with like, everyone insulting me and stuff. My self-esteem was boosted a bit by it.

And as if I weren't already in an uncharacteristically good mood after that, I was IMed by Kate. You might recall the incident two posts back in which she was involved. But to my great surprise, the conversation turned out to be quite civil. I mean, she did state that she hated me and wanted to castrate me, but other than that it was actually p cool.

So yeah, I'm actually in somewhat of a good mood now. Obviously I can't say I'm happy or even content quite yet, because uh Anna still doesn't love me, but at the moment I'm not as depressed as usual. I guess it's kind of a neutral mood... more leaned toward good than bad though. I dunno, I'm an Aspie. I don't know crap aboot feelings.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Operation McFly

So. During my two-week absence from the Internet, I devised a new plan. You see, I bought two large coffees (a latté and a mocha, to be exact) from McDonald's, and upon drinking them, I realized I had traveled one minute back in time.

So I did some math. Assuming one coffee takes me back in time 30 seconds, I would have to drink 13,665,600 coffees to go back in time 13 years. Why would I want to go back 13 years, you ask? The answer is simple. 13 years ago, Anna was 2 (almost 3). This is the approximate time she moved to California.

Once I drink these coffees, I will become a 5-year-old again but will retain all my memories from being 18. Then, I will utilize said memories to do things that would be supernatural for a five-year-old to do, such as predict events and excel in school.

Everyone will think I'm a prophet or something, and I'll use this to command my family to move to California. Preferably right next door to Anna. Then, Anna and I will be able to grow up together IRL. And by hanging out with me IRL, she'll actually get to know me unlike how the past five years of Internet-only friendship went down. Then she'll realize I'm not a stalker and will fall in love with me.

Now, the problem is... how will I afford that many coffees? They're $3.19 a piece IIRC, so that's a grand total of $43,593,264, not even counting tax. Hmm. :s

EDIT: Nevermind. I'm really, really dumb.