Monday, January 4, 2010

I literally lived the lyrics to 'Blue Christmas'

Indeed, it was a blue, blue Christmas without her. I couldn't stop myself from thinking... you're supposed to hang out with loved ones for Christmas, right? So many people take it for granted, thinking "oh hey, that's easy, loved ones are the one thing you always have". But no. Not so easy for some.

Anna is the one thing I really, truly need (not that I'm calling her a thing) but like... I don't have her. It shouldn't be this hard, ya know? If only I could just, like, cuddle with her, and just talk or something simple like that it would be the perfect Christmas in my eyes. But no. I can't even get that much. :(

I guess I'm okay now though. I'ma keep on truckin'. Perseverance! I don't care if it sounds creepy or not, I know I'll get her someday.