Friday, November 20, 2009

Drama on dA!

So I decided to keep a separate blog specifically for Anna-related events. If you don't know who Anna is, then, uh, maybe you shouldn't even be here. I've explained the story millions of times and I'm tired now.

Welp, here's the first entry.

Apparently Caleb sent Anna the following email:

you're nothing without nick which I find to be very lol

Without nick you're not interesting or appealing in any way, the majority of your "Online friends" are only your friend because Nick's exploits towards you are hilarious.
With his efforts he's going to find love before you, and you'll be a long lost memory.
(and god knows not a very pleasant one)
And once he's gone, the friends that are around to laugh with you at Nick, will be gone
you will be friendless in real life, and offline, too.

P.S. Fat people are disgusting.

P.P.S. your thinning purple hair is disgusting.

P.P.P.S You're disgusting.

You are literally only interesting when Nick is in the picture. You have absolutely no interesting hobbies, or activities that you delve into. You have no social experiences thus no stories to tell in a social situation, or any way to relate to anyone elses social stories.

Nick completes you.
You are fully socially inept without this loser being a creep towards you. You are as bad as Nick, but you have a way to displace your terrible social skills and loneliness.
By laughing at Nick every time you feel like you have the short end of the stick socially.


Obviously I was pretty pissed. I then proceeded to yell at him for doing this.

So then, as she usually does, Anna gets her friends to do her dirty work for her. Kate left a comment on Caleb's dA. He then commented back. It went on for minutes upon minutes. I think the comments are probably "HIDDEN BY OWNER" now, so linking to them would be futile. Anyway, I joined in to say that Anna's not a "purple pig", at which point both Caleb and Kate told me to GTFO.

Later on, Kate and some other person Anna knows invited me to an MSN chat so they could once again tell me to leave Anna alone. By now I've learned arguing over the Internet is dumb and futile, but whatever, I presented my case to them anyway. Of course, because they are stubborn, they didn't listen anyway. Don't know why I even bothered.

Then Anna reported me to dA for harrassment. Explain to me how that works out. Wasn't I on HER side? I've gotta say, that woman perplexes me sometimes.