Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yeah, yeah. I know. Half the time when I'm negative I seem emo, and the other half when I'm positive I come off as creepy and the bad kind of insane. Welp, prepare for the latter.

Recently I've been feelin' pretty good. It may have something to do with me taking an interest in Catholicism the other day. Looked up incorruptibility (pretty cool) and infallibility of the church, and other cool Catholic stuff like that. Of course, as far as I know I'm Protestant, but that doesn't stop me from using Catholic principles that make sense to me, does it?

Well anyway, after doing this, I've felt less emo and stuff. More confident, even. Not in the bad vain way, though. But yeah. I also kinda get this vibe that maybe God's rewarding me for being extra religious lately by aiding me in my quest for Anna's love or something. I dunno. Maybe. But yeah!

Also, happy birthday Anna! (She's 17 today.) <3

Saturday, February 13, 2010

V-Day and a B-day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day... yet another time I should be spending by pampering Anna, but of course life's cheated me out of that, hasn't it? Plus, her birthday is on the 18th... She's gonna be 17. Missing her birthday is even worse than missing V-Day... Sigh...

I know, I know. I'm trying to stay optimistic and all, but still... it really sucks having to miss all these special events. ;_;

In unrelated news, I really really wanna have a baby. But that's nothing new.