Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So... even though I love Anna, sometimes I also develop side-crushes on other people, too. It's probably a bad idea to go out with someone while Anna's the only thing on my mind, but I can't really help it. Plus it's not like anyone would want to go out with me anyway. But yeah.

It's just... it really sucks being alone like this, especially when I'm constantly forced to watch/listen to other couples' happiness, and sometimes I wish I could have, like, a temporary girlfriend. Just until Anna loves me. But then I quickly realize that that would be really cruel to the other girl. I mean, I know there's a such thing as friends with benefits, but that's not really what I'm talking aboot. I don't really care all that much aboot sex (surprise!), I just... wish I had someone to do little romantic things with, like cuddling or just talking or whatever.

I dunno. Whatever. I guess my patience will pay off? Maybe? Except I'm really, really impatient. So yeah.

EDIT: Unrelated, I just realized that maybe Anna SHOULDN'T know aboot this, lest she have it shut down like the Facebook group. Hm. :s

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  1. I know this is past 2 years old but...

    >temporary girlfriend

    You're a strange one aren't 'cha?